Aortic Live 2017



Aortic Live goes annual – save the date!


Due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the 3rd Aortic Live Symposium, we decided to move forward to an annual meeting rhythm at 2 different sites in Germany, with varying foci.


The 4th Aortic Live Symposium will take place in Hamburg on October 23-24, 2017, in collaboration of the German Aortic Center Hamburg with the West German Heart and Vascular Center Essen. Numerous live cases will be performed from various sites and displayed in 3D HD quality.


We are looking forward to meeting with you again in Hamburg.



Course directors:

Prof. Tilo Kölbel, Hamburg, Germany
Prof. Heinz Jakob, Essen, Germany


Course co-directors:

Prof. Sebastian Debus, Hamburg, Germany 
Prof. Christian Detter, Hamburg, Germany 
Dr. Konstantinos Tsagakis, Essen, Germany



For more information please visit: